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How to fix errors (e.g., "0x80040905", "Error code: 29") using Google Earch?

edited May 2015 in General

Due to recent interest in GPS and Google Earth project, I thought you might need tips and solutions to troubleshoot the following typical errors while installing/ upgrading/ uninstalling the said GE. And more.

"0x8.." (like "0x80040905") series error boxes

The following section is all you need to fix 0x80040905 error and, allows you to repair other errors around Google products.



  • Use your Admin rights to launch the standard uninstallation routine: "Add/Remove" or, "Uninstall or change a program".

  • Run Microsoft's Windows CleanUp Utility, at your own risk. (Optional!). Alternatively, you can run this "Program Install and Uninstall troubleshooter".

  • This utility is no longer available from Microsoft.
  • Then, please pay a visit to Google Earth's homepage @ . Run the latest build of GE. Please be noted that, remember to set or let GE upgrade itself automatically. This too applies to other programs from Google. Gotta keep reading the Section 2 below.



Other annoying info boxes & How-to





  • "Fetch of NetworkLin 'topp:states' failed..."

  • Error Code: 29


Additional sources you might need:

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