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Fix Buffer Overrun Error and Secure Your Windows & Privacy, and More.

edited May 2015 in General

Technically, the aforementioned "Buffer Overrun Error" does NOT belong to the common Windows or Registry Editor related pop-ups, as today's topic is often triggered by MALWARE. This RCA will help fix & avoid Buffer Overrun Error the very efficient way.




Then, how to fix Buffer Overrun Error? Follow me, and take actions later.
  1. What to do if you do NOT have any Anti-Virus or, Anti-Malware program installed? You had better use Windows' "Plug and Play" feature, manually. Too often, this system service is set to AUTOMATICALLY run when you insert a pen drive, U disc and other removal devices to your computer. It'd be a big risk if that device contains some autorun type riskware or other unsafe items.
  1. Learn, and then do everything to protect your computer. For example, you must be very careful when surfing the Web, when downloading/ opening/ installing any other 3rd-party projects to your OS. Sometimes, your (BAD) online habits just matter for your internet security, significantly!
  2. For more average end-users, also you had better use an UP-TO-DATE virus scanner to perform the threat checks REGULARLY on Windows Safe Mode with Networking. This recommendation will be helpful in the virus scan: fast detect & clean possible badware in your system. Restarting your system is highly recommended when the scan is complete.

If you just can't fix Buffer Overrun error yourself, give the following error cleaner a try.


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