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Use this guide to fix Socket Error 10061

The existence of Socket Error 10061 could limit your ability to properly run the E-mail client from Microsoft, or to read/reply the projects in your Inbox in a timely manner. Then how to fix Socket Error 10061 (or, 10053), safely and efficiently?




How can you fix Socket Error 10061?

Take a look at the following checklist, so that you repair Socket Error 10061 without much unwanted trouble:

  1. The first thing you need to do is to verify that you have the right to access such sensitive data such as site/ Windows Admin.

  2. Make sure you have correctly set the "Server Information" section.

  3. image

  4. image

  5. Make sure your firewall program always allows your mail software to use that port. For experienced users, you may dig around (test) the Settings section in your Firewall. For novice, you may try resetting your wall, or disabling your firewall when you're about to read mails.

  6. Furthermore, you can also try temporarily disabling any other real-time virus protection if you have.

  7. Give other e-mail software programs a try such as FoxMail, Mozilla Thunderbird, and/or eM Client.


Read the references below if you need additional info to fix Socket Error 10061:

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