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Fix 100% CPU Usage with the Proven Solutions below

If your computer is performing poorly, I'd like to ask these clarifying questions (check out them one by one) to figure out the 100% CPU usage problem. Here are a few suggestions to reduce your CPU usage.




How to Fix 100% CPU Usage on Your Windows?

Below are some key information you need to know if you want to repair 100% CPU Usage, timely and effectively.

  1. Are you installing some "BIG application", and/or system updates? If so, that's nothing for you to worry about.

  2. Are you scanning your system via the virus protection you installed?

  3. What was/ were the most recent change(s) you made to your PC? Invited some potentially risky source to your system without your knowledge or permission?

Then, we recommend that you...

  • save, and then quit all other unrelated items before applying new projects/ update(s) to your Windows, e.g., Web page(s), Office related files. Meantime, you had better read associated info such as system requirements, editor's review before installing 3rd-party software program to your computer.

  • perform the threat scan on Windows Safe Mode with Networking, in your free time.

  • use Task Manager to manually end those (possibly unnecessary) process(es) that's (are) using high CPU usage. Furthermore, remove all other PUPs like Java from your case.

  • image

  • had better reboot your computer, or restart specific program when the latest upgrade(s) are installed.

  • image

  • image

While the checklists above could not be easy tasks for novice, what better is using the recommended tool below to fix 100% CPU usage, and any other unknown problems regarding Registry Editor.


Further Reading...

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