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Dealing with bloatware and more.

edited May 2015 in General


1. Foistware is almost everywhere, even you're using a brand new device like smart phone, personal computer (e.g., Windows 10/8.1/8).




The (Samsung) company says pre-installed apps can be hidden, but not completely removed (from Galaxy S6 & Galaxy Edge)...

See more info at

Needless to mention those who are suffering with such junkware - as you may know, some sponsored pre-loaded projects just could not be cleaned off! This issue could lead to troublesome annoyances: too many undesired items would be able to consume your limited resources the fast way, such as your battery, your performance. Worse could be that them could harm your privacy. Even some app could share or leak your sensitive information like your location without your permission!

More than Bloatware

2. Safety vs. Performance. Having more than one real-time type security software does NOT ensure online security. First, you may face the compatible issue. For instance, you can only use some brand without another one, such as Bitdefender Total Security 2015. Some programs could even bring the fatal blue errors up! It would take more time to deal with after-uninstall issue: leftovers - which also could trigger the said software incompatibility problem. Second, you need the right tool for your PC. This means you had better read associated pages, official system requirements, (professional) editor's and/or (advanced) users' software experience and, the one should meet your current level (computer knowledge & skills). Additionally, an antivirus is the one when you're trying to clean some computer threats, it'd be helpful when you are about to get some risky items from Internet. Depending on my own exp., traditional AV programs can offer users little help when their PCs have been messed with crapware they invited.



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