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How to fix "DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE" error on a Windows 8 based ASUS computer?

edited April 2015 in General




Solution 1: Make the best of Windows Device Manager

  1. Log on as the Admin user.

  2. Fast locate the said Device Manger. For detailed instructions, please review this article.

  3. Find out the problematic project and try using Windows' own wizards to fix DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE error.

  4. Follow the onscreen info exactly and have your PC restarted later.

Solution 2:

Re-download the right, official driver installation package. Or, insert the original install disc to overwrite your current driver files. Please be educated that such (similar) issue(s) would happen after you perform some virus check using some top malware remover:

I recently removed some malware on my computer using a number of different programs, such as ADW Cleaner, Hitman Pro, etc. My sound started to not work...

Solution 3: Re-enter the aforementioned Device Manager, disable or uninstall that "isatap.{A60B8E98-12DE-44B5-985D-15B54C2E147F}" and/or alike.




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